Environmental History of the Irish Diaspora

In fall semester 2018, students in HIST 4443: Environmental History of Ireland were tasked with researching and preparing brief, historically-informed blog posts on the environmental impact of the Irish Diaspora. Students’ work examined the impacts of Irish emigration, settlement, labor, consumption, and cultural and intellectual contributions on foreign lands in an environmental context.

Irish Diaspora in the 1980s – Rachel McGovern & Dalton Kelley

Irish Immigrants Impact on Education in the United States – Jeanie Cullip

War Memorials and Their Contested Memory in Ireland – Jon Madson

The Irish in Ontario, Canada – Amanda Lingle

Environment Impacts of the Irish Film Industry – Jacqueline Ellis

New Irish Lives – Lana Haack

Mining in Idaho – Kia Fye

Irish Impact on American Railways – Talon Couch

Irish Migration to Australia – Mitchell Young

Environmental Impact of New York During the Draft Riots of 1863: Irish Participation – Kelsey Baguley

Traditional Irish Music Abroad: Sonic Environments – Tye Hobson

Fighting for America: The Irish Brigade & the American Civil War – Lacie Jensen

Three in a Half Leaf Clover: Irish Immigrant Labor in Philadelphia in the 19th Century – Michelle Hancock

The Irish and the Edenic Myth of the American West – Corbin LeBaron

Irish Environments in New York – Heather Thompson