3-2-1-loss of contact

I’m (hypothetically) navigating down the avenue of popular culture, bumping into ever other person as I fight against the current of distracted mobile phone obsession.

Semantics aside, I’ve made a choice to forego a mobile phone. That’s right, I have given up my cell phone: cast your rocks, question and condemn! I am still connected. My wife has a fancy new iPhone, the number for which I will give out to those needing to reach me – but this will be on my terms. I will not check my phone incessantly, Instagram my latte, or use it to escape social situations.

I made this choice for a few reasons. I feel like the current technological trends in society boast of connectivity while at the same time reinforcing behavior that prevents communication. Simply put, excessive mobile phone dependency is producing distracted and impatient individuals. This is not the case in all areas or with all individuals (I still have my iPad). I simply feel obliged, as a service to civilization and to myself, to buck this trend and stand as an example of past behaviors that helped to form personalities and character: human interaction, conversation, silence, and introspection. 

I realize the irony of posting this on a social media portal…I’m not ready to disconnect Image.

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