Welcome to my blog! This site illustrates how I (attempt to) balance my academic life with family, health, and hobbies. It also seeks to help bridge the gap between the ivory tower and the community. Enjoy!

The Professor

I am Assistant Professor of Transnational History at Idaho State University, where I teach a variety of courses on modern war and violence, and specialty courses on modern Ireland, the First World War, the French Revolution, and twentieth-century Europe. I was educated at Central Michigan University (BS, 2003), University College Dublin (MA, 2005), and Trinity College Dublin (PhD, 2011).

Stover photo

Research, writing, and teaching are my passions. I pursued a career in academia because, at the time (undergraduate days), I conceived it to be the most challenging and rewarding profession within my skill-set, and something that would provide opportunities for periodic reinvention. So far this has proven true.

My research is varied, and has developed in several directions over the past few years. You can read some of my work here, and can view my academia.edu profile here.

The Dad & Hubster

With my wife, Megan, I am a parent to two great kids, Liam and Catherine. Each encourage my already childish behavior and immature sense of humor. I enjoy exploring each new phase in my kids’ lives – from hobbies and activities to school and everything in between. Liam is fascinated by science, the universe, and the processes of earth science. Catherine is independent, and enjoys playing chef, doctor, artist, and caretaker. Both recently began playing ice hockey, and it’s a joy to coach them as they develop skills and new friendships!

The Hobbyist

I enjoy lots of hobbies, including minor home improvement projects, gardening and landscaping, and just tinkering in the garage. I don’t watch much television (Notre Dame football and Red Wings Hockey being the exception), and I’m always disappointed that there is not enough time to read. I play hockey and occasionally get to the gym. Most of all, I love to travel, eat local foods and drink good coffee, and to walk the history I study and teach.